Defense Innovation Competition 2019

In 2019, Tective BV won the Defense Innovation Competition,
which featured Smart Robotics as its theme. Tective has been working closely with RAS unit (Robotics and Autonomous Systems), part of the 13th Light Brigade stationed in Oirschot, the Netherlands.

Tective started development of the SkyHive in April 2020, which is due for a live demo in September 2021. Tective expects to demonstrate its SkyHive system is capable of automating the process of deploying a swarm of drones. Innovations embedded in SkyHive include, amongst others:


  • Compact storage of 5 large quadcopter drones

  • A unique battery storage (and in the future, charging) system, capable of storing up to 15 batteries simultaneously 

  • A battery swapping system 


Providing a fully automated, persistent, reconaissance solution for a swarm of drones